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Hurricane Media is the best ad platform for the world’s top brands, app developers, web and mobile publishers. We have excellence track record in advertising and publishing services through innovation and technology. We deliver more than one billions view-able ad impressions every month.We offer display advertising, video advertising, Native advertising with quality traffic by understanding user's contextual, demography, geography and behavioral. We use advance technique including CPM, CPA, CPC, CPI and CPL models. Our primary focus is to reach over billion web and mobile devices for increasing unique and relevant audiences to make your as much as possible ROI.


A publisher, also known as an affiliate or re-seller is an independent party that promotes products and services of an advertiser in exchange for a commission on leads or sales. A publisher displays ads, text links, or product links on its Web site, in e-mail campaigns, or in search listings and is paid a commission by the respective advertiser when a visitor takes a specific action such as filling out a form, making a purchase or subscribing to a service. Our aim is to generate high profits for our publishers. We combine a comprehensive list of direct advertisers with advanced optimization technology for the highest revenue from the most relevant ads for all your online contents.

  • High eCPMS

    We maximize your income by efficiently monetizing web and mobile traffic with highest eCPM rates.

  • High fill rate.

    We ensure that you are getting the most revenue out of the inventories.

  • World wide coverage

    We Provide widest possible availability and Maximum visibility.

  • Real Time Optimization

    Monitoring real time analytics of Campaigns and track your revenue with in-depth reports.


An advertiser, also known as a merchant or retailer, is a Web site or company that sells a product or service online, accepts payments and fulfills orders. Advertisers work with publishers to promote products and services in exchange for a commission on leads or sales through a variety of methods. Our advertising Platform is the best way to increase your website traffic and generate top quality leads to your websites. We have CPM business model to elevate your ROI. You will pay only for real viewable impressions by real users that will help you reach out to your potential customers and boost your audience and sales.

  • Target Audience

    Our Platform target countries, channels, websites for real audience.

  • Conversion tracking

    Our Platform tracks real conversions.

  • Anti-fraud technology

    Our Platform provides Anti-fraud technology for clicks and impressions on ads

  • Real - time statistics

    Our Platform monitor and reports real time analytics of the Campaigns.

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